“Yamaha’s 125th birthday. Time to tune in at social media”

Yamaha is marking their 125th year of successful business. But are they ready for new ways of reaching their customers effectively by social media? A plea to Yamaha to transform Yamaha’ s marketing for this new reality. To engage with its fans and cherish loyal ambassadors.

Creating ‘Kando’ with Yamaha

‘The Yamaha Corporation Group has chosen ‘Creating Kando’ – an inspired state of mind – as their corporate philosophy to enhance satisfaction among all their stakeholders.
Contributing to society through businesses that enrich people’s lives Yamaha has been creating Kando in many venues and has responded to a broad range of needs connected to music, education and culture.’, one can read on their corporate page.

Enlighten and engage with your heavy users

I am the happy owner of a Yamaha Grand Piano, a Yamaha Silent Piano and the Yamaha CP1 keyboard (the latter I purchased just recently). I can affirm and acknowledge their product leadership. As a loyal customer I expect Yamaha to know, remember and enlighten me especially on their anniversary. A gadget, a sticker, or just a personal ‘Thank you Celebration Card’ in the CP1 keyboard package would have been appreciated.

Transform the ‘I play Yamaha’ campaign into a social experience

For music companies it is fairly easy to interact and engage with their fans by social media. Yamaha is already sponsoring the great musicians in many ways and I know of many of my ‘heroes’ who play the same brand. But also hundreds of thousands of amateur musicians share the same passion. These musicians, all people like me, log on to Facebook to express our selves and to share and to show (off).

Communities create brands

Yamaha could support this enormous target group by facilitating and encouraging to share their musical experience. Not on but off their website. Creating communities outside for people like me to connect with their products and each other. Remember it’s not what you say. It’s what others say about you.

I’m sharing Yamaha. But does Yamaha want to share with me? If so I’d welcome a ‘like’ on my Facebook page. Or better yet, leave a comment on this page.


29. november 2012 by Ruby
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