“Intellectual Honesty, the rarest and most desirable trait in an advisor”

Rearranging my library in my attic I came across a book written some 25 years ago “The Advertising Agency Business”, by Herbert S. Gardner, Jr. Curious to find out whether principles and values had changed much over the years I started reading chapter ‘ What do advertisers look for in an Agency’.

Of all the desired qualities as brain power, experience, good judgment and creativity I was captured by one special trait: Intellectual Honesty.

Intellectual Honesty is the most rare and most to be desired when one is considering an advisor. Monetary honesty we expect. Individuals and corporations have learned it is dangerous not to practice it. Intellectual honesty is the ability to think straight and the courage to say what you think. It is the integrity to admit for example that social media is not the answer to every problem.

According to Gardner when an agency demonstrates this kind of honesty a whole batch of possible minor faults can be discounted, for this is the most desirable and rare trait in an advisor. When combined with intelligence and experience it’s the answer to an advertiser’s prayer.

Yes , honesty is the most important ingredient in the mix. Honesty on both sides. Without it, the deal is doomed almost before it starts.

20. november 2012 by Ruby
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